We are inviting all Northwest educators who use technology to support teaching and learning to submit proposals to share their experience, research, and insights at the OTEN Annual Conference. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

We encourage submissions that may address one or more of the following topics:

  • The use of technologies to support student learning.
  • Technology use that fosters collaboration in or out of classrooms.
  • Technologies or methods that encourage the effective use of technology-mediated communication or that foster digital literacy.
  • Creative ideas and innovative strategies for technological or pedagogical implementation.
  • Use of technology for professional practice/development and lifelong learning.
The deadline for OTEN conference proposals is January 18, 2018.


Our conference will have two distinct tracks: Higher Education and P-12. You can also submit a proposal that is of to interest to both communities–if you do, please choose the “mixed” category on the Proposal Submission Page.

  • Higher Education

    This track will focus on teaching and learning in Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, and other post-secondary institutions. We encourage faculty, instructional designers and technologies, librarians, administrators, and others who engage in teaching and learning with technology to submit proposals. These proposals can be from any discipline and we welcome submissions on undergraduate and graduate education.

  • P-12

    This track will focus on the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools. We encourage both in-service and preservice teachers to submit proposals as well as educational technologists, librarians, support staff and administrators.

Proposal Types:

We will be accepting proposals for two different types of sessions, Interactive Sessions anbd Reporting Sessions.

  • Interactive Session (60 minutes)

    At these sessions, the presenter will have substantial interaction with sessions participants. This type of session lends itself to proposals about teaching strategies or methods, technical or pedagogical demonstrations, or debates and roundtables. These sessions will be 60 minutes and should include significant time for audience participation and discussion.

  • Reporting Session (25 minutes)

    At these sessions, speakers will present about their teaching, a specific methodology or technology, or a research topic on teaching and learning. We are specifically looking for proposals in which the speaker discusses their own classroom practice or pedagogical innovations. Presenters will have 25 minutes for their presentation and should include time for audience questions and discussion.