headshotAbout Me: Hello! I am currently an Occupational Therapy Doctoral student in my third and final year at Pacific University. After earning the Concentration in Interprofessional Education and completing two years of on-campus coursework and fieldwork experiences in Hillsboro, Oregon and the greater Portland area, I relocated to Sonoma County, California for the entirety of my third year to complete my Level II fieldwork rotations and Doctoral Experiential Internship. I grew up in Arcata – a small, coastal, Northern California college town. One of my younger brothers has Mosaic Down syndrome, and my interest in the profession was sparked when I saw the profound impact that occupational therapy services had on enriching his life and expanding his functional abilities. I attended the University of California, Davis for my undergraduate degree, where I received my Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in Human Development and a Minor in Psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at UC Davis as an athlete on the UC Davis Women’s Rowing Team – claiming a National Championship, an All-American athlete title, and a West All-Region individual honor during my career. As an OTD student, I hope to continue pursuing my interests in pelvic rehabilitation and hand therapy, as well as exploring the role of leadership within the field of occupational therapy. In addition to my practice, I eventually hope to establish a career in academia. In my free time, I can be found testing out a new recipe, running/hiking/cycling in beautiful wine country, or searching for a new favorite book or documentary. I enjoy being outdoors (especially near the ocean), fishing, camping, singing and playing instruments, going on road trips, and spending time with close friends and family.

Purpose: The purpose of this ePortfolio is to document my development as an occupational therapy practitioner, and to highlight my personal and academic achievements thus far. I hope that this ePortfolio will evolve in tandem with both my post-graduate and professional career; allowing future employers, colleagues, and community members a glimpse of who I am, and what I hope to achieve as an occupational therapist.

Mission Statement: My mission is to serve as an impetus and catalyst for change and improvement of lives through the use of my skills, authenticity, and optimistic outlook on what the world and human experience has to offer each individual, regardless of initial functionality or circumstance. I will strive to create a productive and healthy environment using a combination of science, personal regard, advocacy, and humor to educate and serve the people and valued communities that I hold dear.