Hello, my name is Alyssa Nestler.  I am very excited about joining this learning community.  I started in education about twelve years ago.  I began as an early childhood education home visitor, giving parents and families in crisis resources and support.  I moved into K-12 public education as a classroom educator with the Springfield School District.  I taught first grade for five years, as well as a first and second grade blended classroom.  Then, I became a district educator in a position as the K-5 Literacy TOSA.  In this position I provided training to elementary school educators in literacy best practice.  Currently, I am beginning the school year teaching a second and third grade blended classroom.  I have served on the Education Association’s Assessment Cadre for five years.  During this time I have had the opportunity to do in depth professional learning in the area of quality assessment practice, as well as delivering quality professional learning.  I also serve as the Teaching Advisor to the state board.  This has led me to have research interests in the areas of formative assessment, teacher training and preparation, as well as how policy impacts professional practice.  I am looking forward to pursuing those interests as we move forward in this cohort!