About Me

     I am a southeast Alaskan transplant (from Juneau), where after a ridiculous number of years in schooling and tangential career changes, my husband (Tom) and I moved to northern Oregon. Although the Portland area is home now, I’ve lived in a number of other states before settling on one permanently, including: Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Hawai’i, Montana, and Arkansas (what the hell was I thinking?). Careers eventually brought Tom and I to the Portland area, where I am a professor of comparative behavioral neuroscience at Pacific University. Although, based on my early employment experience, academia is not necessarily where I thought I would emerge. During different evolutions of my life, I have worked as a deck hand on a commercial fishing boat (FV The Blue Zephyr); an art enthusiast and salesperson for an art gallery (the name escapes me), an account representative for a bank (First Bank), a cocktail waitress (Red Dog Saloon), crew for a sailing charter (Paragon), a research naturalist (Pacific Whale Foundation), a cook, maid, and kayaking guide for a wilderness lodge (Adlersheim Wilderness Lodge) and an assistant editor for a small, nonprofit publication (Liberty Press).
     A curiosity for unexplored places, foods, and new opportunities drives much of my personal life. I love to travel both within and outside of the United States. I am fortunate to have a number of ex-patriot friends and family, so we are able to tromp around other countries fairly often. If we aren’t traveling or working, there are always fun places locally to explore. This is especially true within the Portland area’s frenetic schedule of outdoor concerts, festivals, spring and summer fairs (highlight: the Eugene Country Fair in July), and daily farmers markets. We are never at a loss for things to do.
     When the Portland weather brightens, we windsurf the gorge at Hood River, awkwardly long board at Oswald Beach, kayak around the house on the Columbia and try and take the pups for hikes along the gorge (my favorite is Dog Mountain).  Aside from traveling, I fool around with stained glass, tile mosaics, painting (primarily oil and watercolor), and photography. I hope at some point to learn an instrument, but after several failed attempts at the guitar, my enthusiasm and musical motivation went flat. At this very moment, my guitar is sitting on a stand collecting dust and no doubt, feeling neglected and unappreciated. 

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