About Me

ABeidler2-2webI’m a self-motivated, competent, creative, problem-solver, with demonstrated success and accomplishment in healthcare compliance, and over ten years of healthcare experience. An experienced compliance professional and team leader with a focus on compliance education, regulatory research, auditing and analysis. My interests are developing enterprise risk management systems in healthcare and higher education.

I’m accomplished in instructional design and curricular innovation, with experience creating new content and completing ongoing curriculum review. I have experience using Moodle and Adobe Connect to deliver online and hybrid graduate courses.

I’m an INFJ with the spiritual gift of Administration/Ruling. What this means:

  • Highly ethical with high standards of personal integrity
  • Authentic/ trust my intuition
  • Initiator
  • Like to organize and delegate to others
  • Focus on team participation
  • See the big picture
  • Evaluate what needs to be done and design the systems to get the job done
  • High expectations for self and others.